Final Benin Media Briefing Proceedings

The Executive Director of SEDI, Dr. Tom Aneni, stated that the stakeholders briefing on phasing down Dental Amalgam Use in Edo State was a follow up to the “Edo State Stakeholder Forum on Phasing down Dental Amalgam Use” which was held on 31 October, 2017. The objective of this event was to mark the civil society consensus to end amalgam use for children, pregnant and breast feeding women in Edo State by July 1, 2018.

He spoke extensively about the impact of amalgam on the development of the children and women’s health. He concluded by stating what a phase down in dental amalgam means for Nigeria which includes: improved dental health and a cleaner environment for children, women and men; and promoting disease prevention, health promotion and protection. He further said that transformative steps have to be taken to move Nigeria on to a sustainable path and ultimately ensuring an amalgam free Africa.

1.2 Opening Remark – Hon Commission, Edo State Ministry of Health, ably represented by Mrs. Chidi Enuwaonye

The Commissioner noted the availability of alternatives for amalgam like composite and glass ionomers and the negative effect of amalgam on vital human organs like the heart and kidney. The commissioner observed that amalgam is dangerous to human health and the alternatives enhance tooth colour and use of less filling. She further observed that a good alternative should be accessible, available and sustainable. In conclusion, she stated that ‘if the issue is brought to the awareness of the state Governor, He would support the ban of the use of amalgam in Edo State’. She added that the Ministry of Health supports the use of alternatives for dental filling and would support all measures needed to ensure phase out of amalgam.

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