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Ensuring the Safety of you and your environment is our passion; therefore contacting SEDI is easy as We have our headquarters in Nigeria.

Remember, Inspection is a major tool in achieving a better environment as this has been found to ensure compliance to rules by the government and individuals.

There might be times you are not sure of what your environment looks like; you may also be doubtful of your health and Safety including that of those around you.

Definitely you might not be able to tell what it is that has gone wrong OR even if you are aware of what it is, you might not be able to decipher what appropriate measures to take as either of preventive or curative values; the best thing to do is just contact one of the environmental organizations, a group of which SEDI is a major player as we have refined strategies and mapped out plans to suit what ever kind of response you desire and wherever you might be in the world.

We don't make promises but we assure you of the best of experiences with us

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    Organizational Structure

    SEDI has a board of trustees which formulates policy which is implemented by a secretariat headed by an executive director. SEDI is a volunteer involving organization.

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