Sustainable Environment Development Initiative (SEDI) long term development priority evolves around poverty reduction, economic stability and growth benefits. This will be severely constrained if no sufficient attention is paid to the current and future negative environmental impacts.

It is clear that an organized, systematic approach is needed to address environmental challenges. Over and above this, the core challenge for SEDI is the development of frameworks and capacity at the local level to assess and respond to development challenges.

SEDI is poised to assist in this process and will help build informed responses to environmental challenges by enhancing capacity at all levels to implement effective strategies, policies and actions. This Initiative would guarantee a secure, prosperous and sustainable future.

The continuous existence of a healthy environment is our burning desire and we have come with a formidable Vision and embarking on a great Mission armed with refined strategies to ensuring the good health and sustainability of our natural and human environment.

Do you know that there our natural environment development sector has long been neglected for a long time? You will definitely agree, that so many environmental anomalies are happening presently which are largely felt by all. These anomalies most times have caused much pains and injuries to the Human race and are not sustainable. There are certain activities carried out by us that had gone a long way to affect us directly or indirectly. Critical actions must be taken to stop the root causes of this menace. All hands must be on deck to put a stop to these deplorable conditions.

All hands must be on deck! YES, we can say that again, but there is need for capacity building of our teeming young population in the global south.

With negative impacts on our environment, provision of a broad based approach to sustaining the natural and human environment in collaborative partnership with local and international agencies, cannot be overemphasized. It is pertinent to note that bridging gaps and being supportive to development partners in the great struggle could produce the best benefits for a more sustainable world.

There are certain factors that should be considered for complete actualization of such a clear vision of sustaining our natural environment. Amongst the predetermining factors include social cohesion and this can never be achieved without a knowledge driven society. The acquisition of productive skills is pertinent for smooth interaction between partners in actualizing a common goal.

The cries of Our environment, both natural and human has been heard and its our duty to maintain and sustain the original design and configuration of our natural and human environment, hence the birth of the SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE NIGERIA (SEDI) to champion the genuine wish of well meaning people for a sustainable environment.