SEDI Brand Audit

Short Description:

Plastic collection would be out door in an estate of 1000 hectares of land housing offices, houses, religious houses (Churches and mosques), schools and commercial centres. Volunteers would be recruited and trained by SEDI staff following BFFP training guide. Training videos would be utilized and emphasis will be laid on health and safety in the plastic collection process. Detailed planning and coordination meetings will be held. During the designated period, volunteers will collect plastics which will later be sorted and counted. Photographs will be taken and proceedings of the event will be recorded for social media and the press.


The plastic brand audit was conducted to reveal the top polluting companies trashing our community with their single-use plastic waste.


The most common plastic items were: (Plastic PET bottles and bottle caps).The most common types of plastic were: PET and HDPE. The top polluting companies, whose brands were found on the most plastic waste, were: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Suntory Beverage and foods, and CWAY Foods and Beverages.

The plastic brand audit found Cocacola and Pepsi to be the top plastic polluters in the exercise.


SEDI calls on Coca cola and Pepsi managements to reveal, reduce and redesign the plastic cans as part of their extended producer responsibility and catalyzing zero waste initiatives. This would largely help to reduce plastics in Nigeria and its deleterious effect on human health and environment.

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